SeamKing Resins

SeamKing is the ultimate professional grade bulk seaming adhesive. Create beautiful, long lasting seams that are specially formulated for both outdoor and indoor applications.

Combining SeamKing with our proprietary Colorant Formula System, fabricators can produce duplicatable, consistent color seams within 15 minutes.

SeamKing Crystal is a clear non-yellowing resin. It is a two-part methacrylate, clear acrylic seaming adhesive designed for imperceivable bonding of various substrates, including hard surface products such as granite, engineered stone, quartz, marble, cultured marble, glass, sintered stone, porcelain, and various ceramic surfaces.


– Resin Colors: Crystal and Chameleon
– Size: 300ml, 1L, and 3L
– Flowable or knife grade
SeamKing Colorant –Formulas Tool to create the right color using our pigments
Detailed Instructions

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Showing all 13 results