SeamLock PRO – SL9601 Design – Dripless


250ML 10:1 Cartridge Seaming Kit with tips. SeamLock PRO – SL9601 Design – Dripless

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SeamLock Pro is a high-performance dripless adhesive cartridge designed for bonding natural stone and porcelain substrates. Used by solid surface fabricators worldwide.

PROUDLY MADE in the USA in Elkhart, Indiana.


  • Altima Bright White 3011
  • Altima Dripless Bright White 3011
  • Cosmos Bianco Carrara
  • Formica Brite White 109
  • Formica Luna Brite White 408
  • LG HiMacs Glacial GP314
  • Wilsonart Avalanche Melange 9175ML