Management Team

Big Dog Adhesives is a Family Owned business headquartered in the Midwest USA, beginning operations at its Elkhart Facility in July of 2017. All of our products are proudly made in the USA, in Ekhart, Indiana. With over 70 combined years experience in adhesives, Big Dog Adhesives has grown to 40,000 square feet and almost 100 employees. Lou Giovannini, founder and principal owner, has over 30 years in formulating, producing, packaging, and selling solid surface seaming adhesives and structural adhesives, under such popular names as Acrybond, GlueBoss, SeamBoss, StoneBond, SeamLock, and other well known trade names. Lou Giovannini was a past President of Avonite, Inc (1992 -1996). We strive to not just make the glue, but to make the best glue, with the newest technology, having best service at an affordable price.

Lou Giovannini

CEO of Big Dog, has over 30 years experience as a chemist specializing in seaming and structural adhesives.

Jeremy Dykstra

Vice President of Operations, has been formulating and producing solid surface, stone, and structural adhesives for over 11 years, working at GlueBoss Adhesive Company, and now as a partial owner of Big Dog Adhesives.

Dr. Padma Natarajan, PHD Chemistry

Dr. Padma Natarajan, Vice President of R & D joined Big Dog Adhesives as a partial owner in March of 2022. Padma is an integral part of the Big Dog Management Team, and invents, creates, and leads Big Dog Adhesives in its efforts to be on the cutting edge of adhesive technology, having over 25 years experience in methacrylate technology, epoxy formulation, cyanoacrylate synthesis, UV technology, threadlockers, sealants, and just about anything two molecules can do. If it can be chemically done, Padma can formulate it!!

Rob Ward

Technical Director, formally joined Big Dog Adhesives in October 2023 as a partial owner, however, Rob has worked closely with the Management Team at Big Dog for many years, bringing epoxy, cyanoacrylate, and threadlocker knowledge to Big Dog’s product offerings. Rob has 20 years of adhesive technology, and can figure out just about anything anybody in adhesives needs to accomplish.

Emily Giovannini

Purchasing Manager, has worked at Big Dog Adhesives as a Customer Service person, Manager, and Office Manager since joining Big Dog Adhesives in October 2019, as our fifth employee, Emily has helped Big Dog grow profitably and successfully, and has kept accounts in line. Customers are always first with Emily and Big Dog Adhesives.

Klaudia Rynduch

Accounting Manager, has been with Big Dog Adhesives since July of 2022, and runs the office and the books, very efficiently and thoroughly. Klaudia handles Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll, HR, and just about everything, including keeping the owners on task.


Keith Swingle

National Sales Manager, Structural Adhesives, has been with Big Dog Adhesives for five years, and leads the sales management team in the Structural MMA, Epoxy, cyanoacrylate, threadlocker, and sealant markets. Ketih has broad experience in fiberglass fabrication having over 20 years experience in selling and producing adhesives that work with fiberglass and structural applications.

Samuel Aaron Graham

National Sales Manager, Stone and Solid Surface Seaming Adhesives, has over 25 years fabricating stone, quartz, porcelain and solid surface products, working with fabricators and distributors for LG Hausys, Cambria, and others. When it comes to seaming countertops, Sam had got it down to a tee.

Ian Swingle

Customer Service Manager, Sales Representative, has worked for Big Dog Adhesives for two years, specializing in sales in the Midwest and Texas regions. Ian has taken the role of Customer Service Manager, and if you want to know where your adhesives are, he’s going to get you the tracking number and whatever information you need to get you the product!

Vince Giovannini

Sales Manager Southeast USA, has been with Big Dog Adhesives for two years, having a degree in Finance from the University of Arizona. Growing up in the adhesive industry, working summers and weekends, Vince has experienced the countertop adhesive business for 15 plus years, working alongside his Dad.

Pierino Giovannini

Sales Manager, Seaming Product Manager, has been with Big Dog Adhesives since May 2022, and works selling, marketing, and developing adhesive solutions for the countertop markets. Pierino has worked alongside his Dad for the past 19 years, packaging adhesives, matching colors, and mixing chemicals in the plant. . Pierino has a Finance degree from Purdue University, so be sure to Boiler Up, Hammer Down him.

Fred Rogers

Sales Manager Seaming Solutions, Midwest, joined Big Dog Adhesives in December 2023, having over 30 years of experience in Solid Surface and Stone Distribution, of Avonite and Stone Mart products. Fred and Lou have had a long standing relationship, and Fred is one that will get you answers to your questions.

Paul Whittle

Sales Manager Elkhart Region, joined Big Dog in October 2023 and has over 30 years of fabricating granite, quartz, porcelain and other hard surface products. Paul specializes in porcelain fabrication and is our knowledge base for how to do things in the field.

Peter Gariepy

Website and online ordering professional with over 30 years of experience.