SeamLock Willow – Flowable SL8314


250ML 10:1 Cartridge Seaming Kit with 2 tips. SeamLock Willow – Flowable SL8314



SeamLock is a high-performance flowable adhesive cartridge designed for bonding natural stone and porcelain substrates. Used by solid surface fabricators worldwide.

PROUDLY MADE in the USA in Elkhart, Indiana.


  • Dal Tile One Quartz Cabrini Grey Velvet NQ51
  • Envi Porcelain Muse Matte 12MM
  • Envi Quartz Aspen Suede Finish 3CM
  • I-Stone V-korr Cinder Granite 679
  • I-Stone V-korr Staten Island Stone 502
  • LG HiMacs Wallflower G508R
  • LG Viatera Himilaya
  • Pental Quartz Avenue Grey Polished BS100P
  • Pental Quartz Piasentina Polished BS183P
  • Pental Quartz Sage Polished BS181P
  • Quantra Pietra Grey 1653
  • Silestone Altair 824
  • Staron Radianz Imperial Gray IG910
  • Vicostone Altea Polished BS182
  • Vicostone Piasentina BQ183P